Plymouth Labour is on your side. We have the track record of delivering for you.
On Thursday 4th May, elect your local Labour candidate that’s working hard for you.

Build a Better Plymouth — Our Pledges To You


We’ll create an exciting new programme, focussing on repairing potholes, missing yellow lines, broken pavements, tackling litter and plastics, graffiti, clearing drains and mending road signs.

Keeping us
safe and sound

We want our city to be a place where we are welcoming and kind but intolerant of crime. We will campaign for more police for our city, more CCTV, and comprehensive plans to tackle violence against women and girls and anti-social behaviour


Bringing down the waiting list for housing, a detailed plan to support renters, bringing empty homes back into use, kick-starting new house building and tackling homelessness

Protecting our
green and blue city

Tackling climate change is a priority and we’ll protect green spaces and look after trees. Sea level rise and flood prevention are particular challenges for coastal communities like ours

More things to do
in local areas

Lots of new facilities have been created but most of them have been in the city centre. We need to see a fairer distribution around the city – for example a large adventure playground for the north and opening our libraries for longer

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