Councillor Taking A Leap For Trevi

Plymouth City Council’s VAWG champion is facing her own fear of heights head-on by jumping out of a plane to raise money for Trevi, a Plymouth charity for women and children.

Cllr Zoe Reilly, who is a Labour councillor for Honicknowle ward and the council’s Violence Against Women and Girls champion, is going to do a 15,000 ft skydive on 24 June.

“I try to raise money for Trevi at least once a year,” said Cllr Reilly, who has spoken in full council about her own experience of domestic abuse. 

“I’m afraid of heights. But with all the things I have been through in life I like to push my limits!

“I am doing it because Trevi is a fantastic charity doing amazing things for women in Plymouth who have been affected by domestic abuse and violence against women and girls. 

“The team at Trevi empower women and support them in moving forward from difficult and sometimes extremely traumatic relationships.”

Zoe will be taking the leap alongside a group of other fundraisers at Dunkeswell Airfield near Honiton.

“We are really grateful for Zoe’s continuous generosity towards our charity and the hundreds of women we support every year,” said Hayley Dann from Trevi.

“We look forward to working much closer with Zoe on the fight to end male violence against women and girls. With ever-growing referrals of women affected by domestic violence and abuse, the work that our city is doing under the VAWG commission is more vital than ever.”