‘Delight’ As Candidate Secures Play Park Commitment

Plymouth Labour’s Moor View local election candidate says she is “delighted” after getting a local developer to agree to a timescale for completing work on an unfinished Plymouth play park.

Lindsay Gilmour has been liaising with Persimmon over issues at its Palmerston Heights development in the ward.

“It’s way past time this play park was finished so it can be enjoyed by the children and families who have chosen to make Palmerston Heights their home,” said Lindsay.

“I have knocked on many, many doors in the area and a recurring theme is residents telling me how disappointed they are at the state of the play park, especially when this facility was a key selling feature.

“So I’m really delighted that they have written to me to say that they have a plan to have the space open soon.”

The letter from Persimmon – which has its headquarters in York – says it hopes to have the play park open at the beginning of next month depending on the weather.

It adds that a contractor has also been booked for the week commencing 25 April to tarmac the connecting footpath.

“I’m really pleased that the developer has given me a timescale which I can share with residents and which I will be holding them to, ” said Lindsay, who is a teacher.

“Children in Palmerston Heights have waited far too long for this play park,” said Lindsay, who is a teacher.

“I’m really hopeful it will be ready for them to enjoy as the warmer weather arrives.”