£5m Brunel Plaza Grant Warning From Plymouth Labour

Plymouth Labour is warning that the regeneration of the Plymouth Railway Station may be stopped in its tracks because a massive government grant remains unspent. 

Cllr Tudor Evans, who initiated the project as leader of Plymouth City Council in 2016, says the project is in danger of having to hand back the grants it gained because of delays to the work.

Work on the £80m Brunel Plaza redevelopment – making the site an attractive gateway to the city – began in 2021. 

But Cllr Evans says the “chopping and changing” of the leadership of the Plymouth Conservative group has distracted them.

“Their eyes are no longer on the ball,”  said Cllr Evans. “The £5m grant, which would help to build a new car park fit for the growth of the station, will have to be handed back to the government if the council doesn’t get a move on. Time is running out, and we can’t wait much longer.”

If the grant is lost, the dramatic changes to the important gateway project could end up being scrapped.