Real Wages In Plymouth Down Almost £900 in One Year

New analysis published by Plymouth Labour reveals that the average worker in the city has suffered a reduction of £880.84 in the past 12 months.

New figures from the ONS reveal that real wages (excluding bonuses) are falling at their fastest rate in more than a decade – 3.7% in just one year.

Labour has a plan to tackle the cost of living crisis which will:

· Cut VAT on home energy bills

· Reduce energy bills by insulating 19 million homes

· Cut small business rates

· Buy, make and sell more in Britain

Plymouth Labour’s leader Cllr Tudor Evans OBE said the current Conservative Government has “downed tools while the rest of us face the worst cost of living crisis in generations”.

“Wages are collapsing in Plymouth and we are all feeling the pinch – yet this zombie government is nowhere to be seen. But Labour has a plan to help families in our city now. We would cut VAT on energy, insulate homes to lower bills, cut small business rates and buy, make and sell more in Britain,” said Cllr Evans, a Ham ward councillor.

“This Government is stale, failing and out of ideas, and the Conservatives are too busy fighting amongst themselves to act. It’s time for a fresh start with Labour.”