‘Show Us The Money’ Call Over Energy Rebate

Plymouth Labour is calling on the city’s Conservative council to ‘come clean’ over the delay in distributing the government’s £150 energy rebate.

The government announced the payment in March, aimed at tackling some of the impact of the lifting of the energy price cap in April.

Leader of Plymouth Labour, Tudor Evans OBE, said it was time for the council to be honest with residents about when they can expect their rebate and what is causing the delay.

“We know that people elsewhere in the country are getting this much-needed money so why should Plymouth residents be kept waiting like this?” said Cllr Evans.

“The council really needs to come clean and give residents a realistic timeframe for when they can expect to receive this money or, as Jerry Maguire might have put it: ‘Show us the money’!”

There are around 110,000 properties in Council Tax bands A to D in Plymouth. There will also be a discretionary rebate scheme for vulnerable residents or those who do not pay council tax who live in properties in Council Tax bands E to H.

“I would encourage people to set up a direct debit ( Set Up A Direct Debit ) if they can to make the process of the payment, when it happens, easier,” said Cllr Evans, a Ham ward councillor.

“We also know that scammers have latched on to this as yet another way of trying to defraud people and the longer the delay goes on the longer they have the ability to prolong their scams.

“Plymothians are facing a burgeoning cost of living crisis and need clear, accurate information about any help available,” he said.

“We know that many, many people in Plymouth are watching every single penny right now which is why Plymouth Labour brought an amendment to the recent budget meeting to freeze council tax this year,” he said.

“People’s bills are rising NOW, they need this money NOW.”