Major Cuts to Cost of Living Support to Plymouth Families

Plymouth Labour’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Co-operative Development and Communities has today written to the Chancellor to demand answers after the Conservatives’ cut of more than £4.5m to local families was exposed.
This comes just a year after the Conservatives crashed the British economy.  
The Household Support Fund is an £842m fund to help families with food and energy costs.
Incredibly, as the cost of living crisis deepens, driven in no small part by the largest tax burden in 70 years, the Chancellor has abolished the fund – cutting £4,589,593.64m in support for households in Plymouth.
Cllr Chris Penberthy’s letter to the Chancellor is reproduced in full below:
Dear Chancellor,  
Under the Conservatives families in Plymouth have faced 13 years of stagnation, low growth, falling wages, rising taxes and crumbling public services. Last year, your party recklessly crashed the British economy, setting off run-away inflation and hammering working families further.
The cost of living crisis you have delivered is hurting each and every one one of us.   
Your Autumn Statement was an opportunity to fix the mess you have created. Labour has set out a plan to deliver the growth this country needs – it is a real shame you failed to take it up.   
Now, to add insult to injury, it has emerged that you not only failed to offer the support struggling families need – in secret you are taking it away.
The household support fund provides much needed assistance to those who need a little help to make ends meet through the cost of living crisis your party helped create.  
Taking that support away is an attack on hardworking families in Plymouth who are doing everything they can to get their families through the worst parliament for living standards in history.   
The Conservatives have utterly wrecked the British economy – and you are asking families in our city to pay the price.   Plymouth needs an end to this unthinking incompetence.
After 13 years of failure we badly need a plan for growth.  
I look forward to your response – and your plan to properly support Plymouth through the Conservative cost of living crisis.  
Yours sincerely,  
Cllr Chris Penberthy
Cabinet Member for Housing, Co-operative Development and Communities
Plymouth City Council