Plymouth Labour Welcome for Students

👋 Welcome to all the new students and welcome back to all students returning to our special city for another year

🔗 We have compiled a few helpful links to help you get settled in for the year ahead

🚮 Bins are collected on different days around the city. You can check what day your bins are collected at and you’ll also see whether it’s your brown rubbish bin or green recycling bin being collected that week. Please remember to bring your bins in off the streets after they have been collected

🌆 There’s lots to get involved with in the city. You can find out about all of the events taking place across the city at

🗳 Finally, don’t forget to take a few minutes to register to vote at your student address so you can vote in the local elections here. You can register to vote at

🌹 If you’ve ever got any local issues, please do get in touch with your local Labour councillors who will be happy to help. You can find who your councillors are here:

Have a great year from all of us at Plymouth Labour! 🌹💚