Concerns Over Asbestos Removal Delays

Plymouth Labour is raising concerns about the Conservative-run council’s “utterly unacceptable” delays in the removal of fly-tipped asbestos in the city.

Cllr Mark Coker, who is Plymouth Labour’s spokesperson for Street Scene, says he is aware of serious issues around a number of asbestos fly-tips across Plymouth which are still awaiting collection.

“Asbestos is a dangerous substance which requires special licencing to handle and dispose of,” said Cllr Coker, who is a Devonport councillor.

“Each fly-tip represents a health hazard and any delay to its removal is utterly unacceptable and a dereliction of duty of this Conservative council to protect its residents.

“We know the contract Plymouth City Council had with the external organisation which used to collect asbestos tips has come to an end and we are urging them to get a contract in place as a matter of urgency to ensure the safety of residents in the city.

“Every day fly-tipped asbestos lies uncollected on our streets is another day of risk to which Plymothians are being exposed.”