Plymouth Labour In City Centre Seating Call

Plymouth Labour is calling on the Conservative council to install temporary seating in the city centre as the multi-million pound revamp continues.

The scheme is aiming to refresh and revive Old Town Street and New George Street as part of a massive investment by Plymouth City Council started under the previous Labour administration.

As part of the work all available seating has been removed and now Cllr Mark Lowry, Plymouth Labour’s spokesperson on Finance & the Capital Programme, has written to the council to ask for temporary seating to be installed while the work continues.

“It isn’t clear when the work will be finished,” said Cllr Lowry. “So why can’t they put in a few temporary seats for people who might need to rest? Many elderly residents still like to visit the city centre to shop , but then to stop and rest.

“I have written asking for some temporary seating to be provided, particularly during the summer, and I hope it will be provided quickly, we want to continue to encourage residents to shop in our city centre and this will help that.”

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When the project is complete it will provide better links between Drake Circus and The Barcode, islands of greenery, and a new play area with stepping-stones through the gardens.

The plan also includes permanent places to sit and rest, a small performance area, new tree planting carefully arranged to allow clear sightlines to shopfronts, and an ornamental ‘rain garden’ planting with more sustainable urban drainage.