Labour Calls For Urgent Sea Pool Repairs

Plymouth Labour says it’s “completely unacceptable” that repairs to a tidal seapool have been
put off yet again.
In 2020 Plymouth Labour set out plans to repair Firestone Bay tidal pool planned but since the
change to a Conservative administration in May 2021 the repairs have been repeatedly delayed.
In a question to full council on Monday St Peter and the Waterfront councillor, Ian Tuffin, asked
the Conservative cabinet member for Environment and Street Scene Cllr Wakeham to expedite
repairs but was told the need for repairs would be looked into with no timescale promised.
“We know what a special place this is for children and families from Stonehouse, it’s where
Plymouth children have been learning to swim for generations,” said fellow St Peter and the
Waterfront councillor Chris Penberthy.
“For many local children the tidal pool and Firestone Bay is where they spend their summer
holidays, so further delays are completely unacceptable.
“The wall is being hollowed out and is close to breaching,” said Cllr Penberthy.
“We’re calling on the council to make urgent repairs to ensure the pool has a long life not only
today but for children and families in the future.”